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10 steps to install LyX on Windows

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Here the steps to install LyX on Windows: Download MiKTeX to provide LaTeX (usually the 64bit version) Select the installation directory and remember the path Complete the installation procedure Download and install LyXWinInstaller Press Next until a dictionary list is presented: add dictionaries for your languages Before installing the MiKTeX will be shown: Click Install and proceed. You should get an Update popup for MiKTeX, check the connection settings and then proceed and click Next […]

Python: MySQLdb on Windows virtualenv (w. figures)

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If you have a virtualenv on Windows and you want to add MySQLdb support via mysql-python, read this before spending hours of your life to figure why it doesn’t and it will never work. 1) Install MySQL for Python selecting the same Python version of the virtualenv 2) From site-packages directory above, copy the selected files: 3) (optional) On PyCharm, look for virtualenv site-packages inside the path marked with the arrow: 4) Open your virtualenv […]

How to fix freezed Windows 7

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If your Windows system is slow and you’ve already tried to clean up the autostarts you may have other issues. To do a global check on your system you can follow these steps: Download Hiren’s Boot CD (list of software installed here) Extract the zip file in a new folder (the zip contains many files) Use the shipped CD creation tools BurnCDDC or use the excellent cdrtools Frontend going to CD image > Write image […]

Screencapture to GIF: how to record desktop and save screencast as animated GIF

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This is a step-by-step howto to record your desktop and then save it as animated GIF using free software. The resulting file will be very small compared to video files, e.g. a 2 minutes long screencapture of a webpage browsing can be less than 1MB. Requirements: Windows CamStudio VirtualDub Gimp Gigabytes of free space in the destination drive for the intermediate video screencapture How to: Install CamStudio Install VirtualDub (if you have a 64bit OS […]

Free disk space by finding big files

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Howtos / System Administration

Here you can find some useful application to look for big files on disk for Windows and Linux. These disk tools are all free software, and very useful to find big files on disk and free disk space. On Windows: WinDirStat Download and install WinDirStat Run WinDirStat on your disks (it will take time) You’ll see a coloured map of file occupation by file type On Linux command line: ncdu On Ubuntu / Debian apt-get […]

Windows 7: disable sound on screen lock

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I have to confess one of my sins. I use Windows 7. Stop. I know, I talk about open source a lot, I’m a proud linux user but yes, I have to use this OS, especially on work. What do you do for money, eh? I usually play some music while doing some coding. If you ever tried to use PHP as a real programming language, maybe if you’re here you know what I’m speaking […]