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Cannot connect to wired connection on Ubuntu (SOLVED)

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Howtos / System Administration

When your Wireless interface is working and the ethernet isn’t working on Ubuntu, here’s a quick howto to check and fix a misconfiguration. It doesn’t solve any ethernet issues but you can give a try and on an Asus laptop (with JMicron chipset) I worked on it makes the job done. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS First steps To detect Ethernet interface: To check and configure connection: To save the current status of network interface: […]

Make Flash works with Chrome on Ubuntu 64 bit

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Download Chrome for Linux (64 bit .deb package) Install the package On shell type: $ sudo bash If you don’t have wget installed: # apt-get install wget # cd /opt/google/chrome/ # mkdir plugins Get the latest experimental Flash Player “Square” on and then put it on Chrome plugins folder e.g. Close and restart Chrome: now Flash 10 is working. See also: Comment on Getting flash to Work …