Help us fight COVID-19 in Piedmont (Archived)

For more than twelve years I write on this blog about IT stuff. I’ve provided a free service in English, even if Italian is my mother tongue, to reach the widest audience. Now this little service is at risk, because my family, friends and I are.

This page is archived and it is not updated anymore

I live in Italy, more precisely in Piedmont. After Lombardy it was one of the first region to close schools and cancel public events before the national lockdown. We cannot leave our homes without a valid reason.

Here there’s a public healthcare system, but handled region by region. At the time I’m writing, Lombardy is about to fill all ICUs. There are conflicts between central government in Rome and regions.

They are not receiving enough materials and support from Rome or it’s too slow, so regions have to handle the emergency with slow responses from central government. Lockdown decided centrally is useful, but there aren’t enough personal protective equipment for the healthcare personnel so nurses and doctors become sick in areas where contagion is already spread. Here’s the real-time status.

I don’t know if Piedmont will be the next facing the same fate, so region needs resources to avoid the collapse of the healthcare system.

Please donate if you can all instruction in this institutional, verified link:

What we’ll do here can be useful to know how to fight the COVID-19 in other countries.

Some practices we are experimenting are described below.

Update 2020-05-15:

Update 2020-04-15:

  • 5 millions of surgical masks will be bought by Regional authorities and will be distributed to population for free using part of donations from the official bank account linked above. Thank you donors!
  • Regional headquartered DiaSorin complete the tests in Italy for new rapid test on March, 9th. The product will be available within a month.

Update 2020-03-30:

Update 2020-03-20:

  • 4 rapid tests devices by DiaSorin are available on two Turin hospitals according to regional authorities. These new devices will process 16 samples every 90 minutes.
  • 7 Piedmont ER was shut down to reassign medical personnel to handle COVID-19 pandemic
  • 4 Arpa (local environment protection agency) laboratories produced 568 liters of hand sanitizer gel to deliver to police and medical personnel
  • Rural tourism operators can now run home delivery services to both address supply of meals from population and try to save these activities after the crash of tourism demand
  • People under quarantine haven’t to waste sorting. All waste should be disposed in two different plastic bag, one inside another, following strict rules. To avoid contamination, waste sorting facilities (isole ecologiche) are closed.

Update 2020-03-17:

  • A new regional hospital for Covid-19 patients will be opened on 2020-03-22, setup is underway 1
  • Regional production of personal protection devices is underway converting production of plants like Miroglio
  • Regional headquartered DiaSorin received US Federal Funds to develop a rapid Covid-19 test to be submitted to FDA by the end of March 2020