Use lightbox for all inline elements


You simply enable lightbox v2 on image nodes (admin/settings/lightbox2) but your lightbox show a small imagecache thumbnail?

  • Disable lightbox on image nodes (admin/settings/lightbox2)
  • Enable “Display image with a link to the image file” (admin/settings/inline)
  • Apply this Inline lightbox patch

This patch simply add a rel=”lightbox” to each inline image link, natively pointing to full-size image.

i can patch this!

*nix command of the day:

diff -Naur old new > new.patch

Where “old” and “new” are files or directories to patch.

Example (a Drupal patch for IDs duplication):

$ patch -p0<fapi-5.x-dupe-id_111719-151.patch
patching file includes/

Creating patch for Drupal:
diff -up original.php new.php > filename.patch

another example:

diff -up path/to/file/example.module path/to/file/exampleNew.module > mypatchname.patch

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