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Certbot: auto-renew LetsEncrypt certificate on cron

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Certificates renewal can be difficult to automate leading to errors that will mark the website as “Insecure”. Here’s how to automate certificate renewal on CentOS 7 with nginx as webserver: And then add to the crontab these lines pressing A to edit: Every day at 02.37 the certificate will be asked for renewal. Two minutes later nginx will be restarted. After you’ve typed these lines, type: :wq To write and quit. You’ll get this message: […]

Free SSL certificates and how to install on nginx in 10 steps

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Howtos / System Administration
HTTPS, encrypt via SSL / TLS

Here how you can get free SSL cerificates using Let’s Encrypt. Forget about the expire of certificates using the auto-renewal script. A complete reference to install a Let’s Encrypt certificate is this Digital Ocean’s howto. Here there’s a quick guide based on it, plus some additional suggestions. Here we go! The following code download the script and make it executable. (1) Logout and login again to make the certbot-auto script available as a command without […]