i can patch this!

*nix command of the day:

diff -Naur old new > new.patch

Where “old” and “new” are files or directories to patch.

Example (a Drupal patch for IDs duplication):

$ patch -p0<fapi-5.x-dupe-id_111719-151.patch
patching file includes/form.inc

Creating patch for Drupal:
diff -up original.php new.php > filename.patch

another example:

diff -up path/to/file/example.module path/to/file/exampleNew.module > mypatchname.patch

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How to listen webpages with Konqueror

In Italian:

apt-get install festival
apt-get install festvox-ita*

Open Konqueror, go to the speech option in the tools menu (in Italian localization: Strumenti > Configura testo). Set a voice at your choice and check the sound settings.

After that, you can listen webpages through the speech tool menu via festival, it’s good to check website usability. Good listening!

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