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Use external mail server for mdadm

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Howtos / System Administration

mdadm is the utility to check and report failures on RAID disks. The usual way this Linux application send its message is a plain old e-mail. In this howto you’ll find the instruction to use an external mail server with mdadm. First, replace sendmail with an external email account. After you’ve configured and tested msmtp you’re ready to configure mdadm. Configure mdadm with the new SMTP Change /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf to Where: is your FROM e-mail, […]

Mass delete old email on Gmail preserving Special and Tagged ones

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To mass delete old emails on Gmail type this search query in the search box of (or Gmail for Business): after:2017/01/01 before:2017/31/12 -has:userlabels -is:starred You can use these filters in any language but remember to use the YYYY/DD/MM format for the data (Year/Day/Month) for the after and before filters. This search will show you all emails between January, 1st and December, 31st 2017 that: Haven’t any User Label Aren’t starred (without Star) Change dates […]