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Display a cover for any PDF attachment loaded on Drupal using Ghostscript.

Drupal modules needed: JQuery Update* JCarousel* (read JCarousel documentation) Contemplate Image Cache (optional, for thumb rendering) Lightbox v2 (optional, for thumb zoom to original image) * = tested on latest official release Howto subject: How to use JCarousel within a Contemplate modified node body JCarousel is a nice JQuery plugin to render a vertical or …

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How to make a collapsible content body with Contemplate and the Drupal core “collapsible” function? Make sure you’ve Contemplate enabled (through admin/build/modules) Go to admin/content/templates and choose the type you want to display collapsible content within. Enable body contemplate checking “Affect body output” and write (change field names): <?php drupal_add_js(‘misc/collapse.js’); drupal_add_js(‘misc/drupal.js’); ?> <fieldset class=”collapsible collapsed”> …

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