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Certbot: auto-renew LetsEncrypt certificate on cron

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Howtos / System Administration

Certificates renewal can be difficult to automate leading to errors that will mark the website as “Insecure”. Here’s how to automate certificate renewal on CentOS 7 with nginx as webserver: And then add to the crontab these lines pressing A to edit: Every day at 02.37 the certificate will be asked for renewal. Two minutes later nginx will be restarted. After you’ve typed these lines, type: :wq To write and quit. You’ll get this message: […]

Autolaunch a command and restart it on quit on CentOS

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I’ve a django-admin command running as a server thanks to gevent. I want this server to run on boot and autorestart on quit.  StackOverflow give me a hint: use Supervisor. On a Centos 5 distro: At the end of the file, add a new program: Then, start supervisord. Take a look to supervisord log file: You’ll see something like this: Read documentation about the configuration options but keep in mind your Supervisor version. I don’t […]

Apache CentOS 6 cannot send email and Drupal get HTTP request status fails

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Drupal / Howtos / System Administration

I’m installing a Pressflow 6 on a new machine running CentOS 6. I’m using Apache MPM Worker with FastCGI. Then I get the classical e-mail error: Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists. Then I try to use sendmail: Where testmail is a file containing these lines: And i get the message. PHP cannot send email through apache! Trying a simple php script to send mail like drupal core […]