Dear visitor,

this blog was born about 15 years ago to store and share posts about some of my favourite topics. Year after year, I covered here a wide range of topics initially, focusing then primarily on topics about web programming and system administration.

2022 will be the last year of this blog.

The Bad:

  • Neither Ads nor donations were able to self-sustain this blog.
  • Keeping the blog updated and the comment section cleared was time consuming even with low articles per year.

The Ugly

  • New WordPress block editor Gutenberg is ugly and slow the writing process.
  • I miss the old that doesn’t try to sell other things than a focused service.

The Good

  • I enjoyed helping free-libre open source software like WordPress in these years.
  • I enjoyed to share some thoughts on Information Technology.
  • I enjoyed to find outstanding readers out of there, eager to share their point of view or just to leave their appreciation.
  • I enjoyed a truly international audience, top 5 countries last year were: USA, India, Germany, UK, Russia. Everywhere you are, thank you!

I had a great time.


Comments from now are disabled all around but you are welcome to mention or DM me on Twitter.

Complete list of articles saved on the legendary on*/*.

All posts are double licensed under Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike license and GNU Free Documentation License. Examples may contain software licensed under different software licenses. Images and comments texts aren’t necessarily licensed under these terms.

The blog can be shutdown at any time between now and October 2022

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