Memory Error on pip install (SOLVED)

Memory Error when using pip install on Python can emerge both from command line or from a IDE like PyCharm, usually when the package size is big.

When you try to install a python package with pip install packagename but it fails due to a Memory Error, you can fix it in this way:

  1. Go to your console
  2. Optional: if your application is into a a virtual environment activate it
  3. pip install packagename --no-cache-dir

The package will now be downloaded with the cache disabled (see pip –help).

Thanks to David Wolever

7 responses to “Memory Error on pip install (SOLVED)”

  1. Thanks for posting that — I kept getting a memory error while trying python -m pip install kivy.deps.gstreamer and it was quite frustrating, but adding the –no-cache-dir fixed it.

  2. The described solution does work and might be the right thing to do in some cases. For my case I simply needed to bump up the RAM on my VM and the MemoryError was gone and it was probably the better solution (for my case).

  3. I had a challenging MemoryError exception while trying to install PySpark on a Virtual Hosted Ubuntu machine, but adding the –no -cache-dir option worked like a charm. Thanks

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