How to display a custom cover embedding a youtube video and when stopped display the cover again

I need to display a custom image cover in front of an embedded Youtube video.

After the video has stopped, I need to display again the clickable cover.

For a better graphical result I’ve added an over image for the cover and a fadein to the cover when the video ends. To do this I’ve used the Youtube iframe API.

This code is for jQuery 1.4.4. If you have a newer version of jQuery and live() is not working change live() to on().

Here the html:

<a id="idcover" href="#" 
style="display: block; width: 100%;">
<img src="/path/to/cover/off.jpg" alt="Video"></a>

Here the js:

// include youtube API
var myselector = "#idcover";
// preload image displayed on over to avoid glitches: 900 with, 500 height
overimg = new Image(900,500);
overimg.src = '/path/to/cover/on/hover.jpg';
var offimg_src = overimg.src;
$(myselector).live('mouseover', function (e) {
offimg_src = $(this).find('img:first').attr('src');
$(this).find('img:first').attr('src', overimg.src);
$(myselector).live('mouseout', function (e) {
$(this).find('img:first').attr('src', offimg_src);
$(myselector).live('click', function (e) {
// add video player container
var playerid = 'yourplayercontainerid';
$(myselector).after('&lt;div style="display: none;" id="' + playerid + '"&gt;&lt;/div&gt;');
// I suppose the framework is loaded before the click, so this is not strictly necessary
// function onYouTubeIframeAPIReady() {
window.player = new YT.Player(playerid, {
width: '100%',
height: 720,
videoId: '7W2vjTgzucA', // your youtube code here
playerVars: { 'autoplay': 1, 'controls': 1, 'rel': 0 },
events: {
'onReady': onPlayerReady,
'onStateChange': onPlayerStateChange,
// 'onError': onPlayerError
// }
function onPlayerReady(event) {
// hide cover
// view the player

function onPlayerStateChange(e) {
// se stopped (raggiunto il fondo), rimette il tappo e distrugge il video player
if ( == 0) {
// destroy iframe player
// destroy player container
// now the cover is ready to another click, and all 
// this process will restart on user click on cover
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