Save some memory while running Youtube on Chrome avoiding flash

Note: with this procedure I assume you are logged in and you opted-in for the HTML5 beta on Youtube.

I’m usually use a dedicated Chrome profile for playing videos. When running multiple profiles, memory consumption can become really problematic.

Here a screenshot of the task manager on YouTube with a single tab playing a video enabled:

That 82,000 KB and more are only for the Flash Plugin. A lot!

Let’s try to play the very same video with some tweaking. Close Chrome and reopen it, then press F12 and click on the gear on the bottom right, selecting Override and then iPad.



After that go to you’ll be redirected to the mobile version of the site. Try to play with other User agents (if switch is ineffective try to close and reopen Chrome with the same settings). Here the memory consumption detail for the same video I played before.


Flash plugin disappear here, GPU value are slightly greater but the page itself requires less memory than before.

Some videos requires some external video players to play, vanishing some of the improvements you got with this method. If I discover more about this topic, I’ll let you know.

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