Windows 7: disable sound on screen lock

I have to confess one of my sins. I use Windows 7. Stop. I know, I talk about open source a lot, I’m a proud linux user but yes, I have to use this OS, especially on work. What do you do for money, eh?

I usually play some music while doing some coding. If you ever tried to use PHP as a real programming language, maybe if you’re here you know what I’m speaking of. You can’t without music, seriously.

So you go to eat or to microwave something to eat during your PHP yoga practice. You lock the screen with WIN + L shortcut but the music keep playing in background, in the barely audible hearphones on your desk. I don’t like it, and manually disabling it every time is a waste of time.

Well, I’ve just discovered this small utility for Windows named Mute on Lock. Just keep it on tray icon and this small application will mute audio on lock.

If you run Windows 7, you have to search the application from the search box on start, 1) right click on 2) Properties 3) Compatibility 4) Windows XP (service pack 3 is fine).

Close and restart program and try to lock screen with WIN + L or by the start button.

Remember that when you unlock the screen, music will start to play again, so pay attention.

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9 responses to “Windows 7: disable sound on screen lock”

  1. Just go to sounds in your control panel and lock for logon and logoff; then use the drop down menu and select none.

    • Thanks! I was annoyed because I’ve been trying to fall asleep to a guided meditation for sleep, and the computer would wake me up with the sound it makes when it auto-locks a few min later. This solved my problem!

  2. Isn’t it a bug in security feature of windows? When oi lock my PC I’m expecting that all my resources will be locked including the outputs, screen AND sound card.

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