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I’m trying drupal 6.x from some weeks ago. On Drupal 5.x, I’ve used Greybox Redux module to display HTML content on a Javascript popup window. On 6.x, where Greybox isn’t available, I try successfully Lightbox v2. I use this module for images on many sites: syntax to display HTML on a popup IFRAME changes slightly:

<a rel="lightframe" href="" title="Lightframe label">Link Text</a>

And this is the l() equivalent:

l('Link text', '', array('attributes' => array('rel'=>'lightframe', 'title'=>'"Lightframe label')))

You can also use the grouping feature to browse prev/next elements:


customize display style:

'rel'=>'lightframe[|width: 800px; height: 600px;]'


'rel'=>'lightframe[mygroup|width: 800px; height: 600px;]'

Complete example:

l('Link text', '', array('attributes' => array('rel'=>'lightframe[mygroup|width: 800px; height: 600px;]', 'title'=>'"Lightframe label')))

See also:

5 thoughts on “Display HTML on Lightbox v2

  1. Can someone please post live demo?

  2. Anyone have a live demo?

  3. LoRd_dHu says:

    Where A Live Demo???

  4. Bacchat says:

    Is there any way i can display HTMl page in lightbox???

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