Howto Share VirtualBox folders

Host: Debian GNU/Linux
Guest: Windows XP

Read the user manual on Folder sharing section.

  1. Install Guest Additions (Devices > Install Guest Additions)
  2. Click on folder icon on the bottom of the VirtualBox
  3. Create a new shared folder: select a directory on Host and choose a name (e.g. my_shared_folder)
  4. On a command shell (cmd) type this command
    net use x: \\vboxsrv\my_shared_folder

Where x: is a free device letter.

4 responses to “Howto Share VirtualBox folders”

  1. I followed the directions but could not get it to work. My host is PC OS Linux 2009 and guest is Win Xp SP3

  2. 1) Run command from Windows XP shell (Start > Run > cmd)
    2) Check that “my_shared_folder” exists as Shared folder.

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