Howto merge *.001 to *.999 files on Linux

Someone give me some files named like this:, …,

Initially I think these was some multipart zip files, but they aren’t.


On your sudo / root shell type:

  • apt-get install lxsplit
  • lxsplit -j

This will install LX Split (a command line HJSplit version for Linux) found on repository to open (and create) these multipart files.

5 responses to “Howto merge *.001 to *.999 files on Linux”

  1. sir,

    i have zip file like contain aa.let and another zip file like in which contain bb.let i want to writer these two file in single file i.e in another zip file containling aa.let and bb.let , so am wait for your reply to combain two files of zip

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