Print module customization

Tested on: Drupal 5.7, Print 3.4

Drupal Printer Friendly module (Print) add “print this” functionality to nodes. Customization is pretty easy: according to README file you can add a print.tpl.php to your theme (or subtheme) directory and modify it. All override templates are (in check order):

  1. print.__node-type__.tpl.php in the theme directory
  2. print.__node-type__.tpl.php in the module directory
  3. print.tpl.php in the theme directory
  4. print.tpl.php in the module directory (supplied by the module)

You can copy the default print.tpl.php in module directory (4) to one of the 1-3 destinations files, then customize it. You can also use variables like $node->changed to enrich your template. You can read the dynamically generated list by Content Template module, if you have installed it.

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