Netgear WG111 on Debian Lenny with ndiswrapper

Tested on: Debian Etch, Lenny/Sid (Testing), kernel 2.6

  1. Plug WG111 and type lsusb to verify hardware is plugged. You should get something like:
    Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0000:0000 NetGear, Inc. WG111 WiFi (v2)
    Bus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
    Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
    Bus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
  2. On root shell, type:
    apt-get install module-assistant
    m-a prepare
    m-a a-i ndiswrapper
    modprobe ndiswrapper

    Now ndiswrapper module is loaded. (if you got a FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found fatal error, repeat these steps)
  3. If interface is successfully modprobed, then type
    To create ndiswrapper module config files.
  4. Add
    to /etc/modules to load this module on boot.

  5. apt-get install wlassistant ndisgtk ndiswrapper-utils
    Install some utilities to configure wireless interface.
  6. Run ndisgtk (or type ndiswrapper -i /media/cdrom0/ndis5/netwg111.inf, where cdrom0 is Netgear driver disc)
  7. Select Netgear driver from CD-ROM (netwg111.inf): it’ll be copied automatically to /etc/ndiswrapper
  8. Copy other files under /media/cdrom0/ndis5 in /etc/ndiswrapper/netwg111/
  9. If interface is not detected, type ndiswrapper -m to write modprobe config files for it.
  10. Use gksu network-admin or gksu wlassistant to configure your wireless connection.

Tip: If after system upgrading you cannot access to wireless network, repeat step (2).

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5 responses to “Netgear WG111 on Debian Lenny with ndiswrapper”

  1. Hey, good howto, but in step(2) you say use the “m-a” command but you say in step(5) to install module-assistant. So the sequence is not correct.

  2. I get this problem:

    when I type in

    m-a a-i ndiswrapper

    i get a graphical error message that says

    installation of the ndiswrapper-source failed. Ignoring this package. Maybe you need to add something to the sources.list, maybe the contrib and non-free archives.

    What do I do?

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