Enable user profile field token on Drupal

Tested on:

  1. In token module directory, rename token_user.inc to token_user.inc.orig
  2. Copy pmail/patches/token_user.inc in  Token module directory
  3. Go to Personalized E-mails setting and watch your profile fields as tokens.

3 responses to “Enable user profile field token on Drupal”

  1. Thank you for this tip. I can see the new tokens available under the user object.

    Unfortunately i receive empty text after the token_replace. The [user] changes successfully though. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Jim, I’ve tested that code one year ago with Drupal 5.7 and Token 5.x-1.10.

    Maybe on the new version of Token module something could be changed, causing the patched token_user.inc do not work properly? You can try with the outdated version, or to check the token_replace.

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